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A Fully Managed Solution

The idea of sending emails may sound pretty simple, considering that most people do it every single day, but operating a successful in-house email marketing program is a bit more complex. To do it right, you'll need the proper hardware, software, time, and an experienced staff, all of which translates into a slow start-up speed and a high cost.

At SUNOKMAN, email marketing is our main business focus, and we offer efficiently managed email solutions for our clients. We already have the necessary software, the customizable hardware, and experienced staff members that understand the challenges and the options to deliver the best possible results.

We offer a comprehensive service that takes care of every element of the marketing program, including:

Marketing Campaign Design
Newsletter Design
List Management
Blacklist Monitoring
Best Practices and Compliance
Delivery Monitoring
Dedicated Servers and Ips
Media Buying

More Info
Services We Offer

We understand that you have countless things to worry about at the core of your business besides email marketing, which is why we offer a comprehensive service for managing your email solutions. We will engage with your current customer base, cultivate an active relationship with them, and transform one-time customers into loyal return customers. To achieve this, we use proprietary software, scalable hardware, and a veteran staff of marketing professionals, meaning that we can provide high-quality service at a much lower cost than trying to manage your email solutions with an in-house department.

Here are just a few of the things we will manage for your company:
  • Media Buying

    Media Buying is an important part of advertising investments. Our primary goal is to structure optimal buys in less time. We negotiate the best possible prices with media owners, buy ad space on behalf of your business and then ensure proper delivery of what was negotiated

  • Marketing Campaign Design

    We'll analyze your customer activity and tailor our approach and methods in the marketing campaign to reflect those activity patterns, which will increase engagement and revenue as a bottom line.

  • Newsletter Design

    Our team has a tremendous experience in sales, conversion, and email delivery techniques; we'll create memorable and engaging emails that target the customers you want and increase the traffic on your landing pages.

  • List Management

    To achieve a successful email marketing campaign, you need a well-managed list. In order to keep your list up-to-date and effective we will process and handle any spam complaints, false email addresses, unsubscribe requests, and any other issue, that may arise.

  • Delivery Monitoring

    For a campaign to succeed, you need to be sure that it is reaching your customers in the first place. We will monitor the delivery rates and adjust our approach to solve any problems that are affecting the Inbox delivery.

  • Blacklist Monitoring

    We keep an eye on any relevant blacklists that may affect your email solutions, including monitoring delivery errors from the campaign mailings. If the issue is found, we quickly underline the cause and quickly implement a solution.

  • Best Practices and Compliance

    In order to keep your company safe and in the good graces of your customers and email providers, we make sure that all of our practices are in accordance with the laws, including CANSPAM, and that our team members follow industry best methods.

  • Optimization of Your Campaign

    We not only implement and manage your email marketing campaigns, but also track and analyze its efficiency. By tracking email views and clicks, and then cross-referencing that with your sales numbers, we can tweak and adjust your campaign accordingly, to ultimately increase revenue and exposure.

    We utilize dedicated servers and IP addresses to our services in order to maximize efficiency, security, speed, and up-to-date configurations that are necessary for email delivery.


Our solutions are in high demand because they are completely customizable for every company. If you are interested in having us manage your next email solution, fill out the form below so that we can discuss your specific needs and the costs of our services.